Food 52- Mighty Salads

I’ll never forget the first time I made salad dressing from scratch. I was working at Wellness Place, a magical non-profit filled with superheroes who supported cancer survivors. As a program manager, I wanted to do a program focusing on healthy eating around the holidays (nutrition was always a big draw, plus I wanted an excuse to try new recipes!). I made this buttermilk avocado dressing, and my palate for salad dressings changed forever.

Laziness, however, took hold pretty quickly. A quick shake of a pre-made bottle (or heading to my beloved Just Salad or Sweetgreen) was the status quo for quite some time.

When the Blogging for Books program offered Food52’s newest salad book, I requested it immediately. I knew it would be just what I needed (a swift kick in the pants) to jump kick my salad making again.

Here are my thoughts about this book:

  • Unlike other cookbooks, you can dance around the ingredients a little. There were many recipes that had meat, but I was able to simply omit them, and they were still delicious!
  • Food52 will help you explore new ingredients, even if it takes some time to search for them. I went looking for Spanish Smoked Paprika (present in at least 2 of the recipes I tried), but could not find it my local grocery stores. Amazon saved the day, and I was able to buy it here.
  • Rethink your salad carbs. Gone are the days of bagged, over-salted dried croutons. These are the days of grilled baguettes and hefty grains.
  • One of my besties, Lauren, introduced me to the idea of mixing in herbs with whatever greens are present in my salad (thanks, girl!). There is no lack of herbs in this book, and you get bonus tips on how to incorporate them into your food.

My overall takeaway is that we all need inspiration to eat healthier. It’s books like this that make incorporating more leafy greens and veggies more about culinary exploration than shaming people into calorie-restriction with boring food. Take out your favorite veggies and get exploring!

Further Reading:

I received this book for free from the Blogging for Books program! All opinions are my own.

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