The High Five Holiday

Hey everyone!

The holidays are quickly approaching, and the store shelves with orange and black are quickly being being replaced by red and green (and blue and silver!)

Andy and I have really been making a conscious effort to save money this year. Trips to the gym instead of the bars, making budget-friendly meals whenever possible.

So this year, we are starting the High Five Holiday. We will only give gifts that cost $5.00 and under, with encouragement to others to do the same.

Some ideas for gifts might be:

  • Books! Goodwill often has books for $1 or less (some are new!). OR, you could be even savvier and dust off a book or two from your own shelf!
  • A collection of inspiring recipes from food magazines. Slap on some sheet protectors and put in a binder (on clearance at Target now!) and you’ve just made your own custom cookbook!
  • Make a list of movies to rent from the library (or queue on Netflix) and include favorite candies in movie-sized versions.
  • Nothing beats something personal and from-the-heart. Write a poem or a collection of memories for your gift recipient.

Get creative, and have fun saving money this holiday season!




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