Black Tie on a Budget

Well friends, working at a non-profit often leads to creative money-saving strategies (from both the organization, and the employees).

Our cancer education center recently hosted a Gala on Saturday night. Prior to attending, I was unsure of how formal the occasion would be, and how much it would cost.

I searched Ebay and several stores for the perfect long dress (trying to be on the safe side of formal). Either nothing fit too well or cost well over $100.00.

I had heard about the Tevolio  bridal line at Target a while ago, and thought that perhaps I could find a suitable long dress in their bridesmaid collection. For $70.00 (free shipping!) I was able to snag a beautiful purple dress, nicely lined, with pockets!

Target Tevolio bridesmaid dress in Shiny Plum
photo (9)
Sephora Birthday Gift

For makeup, I used the Benefit free birthday gift I received in September. The mascara has a blunted tip, similar to the Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara that everyone talked about for so long.  The highlighter added a nice touch to the rest of my makeup.

I also used the clutch mentioned in my prior blog-post (the $40.00 clutch has proved to be a solid investment).

My earrings were gold with berry accents, purchased on clearance at Target for less than $3.00 (similar style found here) . Normally costume jewelry can be difficult (so cheap, but it hurts your ears!) This article suggests a little antibacterial gel (like Neosporin) and it makes such a difference! Cheap jewelry is back!

Perhaps you’ll find the dress on Ebay, but for now I’ll keep it in case I have any last-minute formal emergencies!

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