The Sunday Blues

This draft started on February 24th, a Sunday…..

Isabel Gillies talked about her mother’s concept of the “Sunday Blues” in her book Happens Every Day (or possibly the follow-up book, A Year and Six Seconds… sorry Isabel!) Her two books chronicle surviving her divorce and the rough adjustment after she moved her children back with her parents.

I found myself strangely drawn to both of her books during the year 2012, possibly foreshadowing my own experience of moving back with my parents post-graduate school. The notion of the Sunday Blues is not unfamiliar, in that I have often felt this tinge of sadness that the weekend has left. Now, when I am separated from so many of my friends (and my boyfriend!), the weekends are more frequently than not just reminders of how little I’ve done over the weekend.

However, this doesn’t mean that I can’t find things to lift up my Sunday spirits. Check out the following:


Back when I was teaching clients DBT at a community mental health center, I often used the technique of indulging in our 5 senses when we’re feeling upset. I always liked having a personal application, so I would talk about frequent trips to Sephora locations just to get a whiff of the latest scents. The following are some perfumes that always lift my mood (even if I can’t afford them yet).

See by Chloe and Prada’s Infusion d’Iris:

[image found here]

[image found here]

If perfume isn’t your thing, maybe a nice candle is a better fix. I feel like adding light is always more calming (and usually cheaper than $50+ for an ounce of scented water).

Stella Mare Candles soy candles are available at Ulta , and you can use those wonderful $3.50 coupons to make it cheaper!

[image found here]


I try not to ascribe too much emotional happiness with specific objects, but having an accessible planner certainly helps me feel put-together.


This item is from Target’s Greenroom collection. I snagged this cutie for under $6.00, check out your local Target to see if they have any!

I love that it meets my two planner criteria:

1. NO line breaks by each hour of everyday. This may work for some people, but it drives me nuts because some days will have cramped mornings, some will have cramped evenings. When planners are organized in this fashion there may not be enough space to write out the details of each meeting or appointment.

2. Both weekly and monthly planning pages. It’s nice to get an outlook on your upcoming week AND your upcoming month.

Library Books- Cookbooks!:

Sundays can mean (at least for me) a day to think about planning meals. Some books, especially if your gracious library has helped you acquire them, can make the process a lot more fun!

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

 [image found here– at the blog!]

This book was on my Christmas wish list, but I was glad that I could spare someone the funds to take a cursory look before committing to a purchase. After this review, I will definitely purchase the book! An attempt at Whole-Lemon Bars did not turn out too well (I fault our cheap food processor), but the other recipes helped me think of veg-tastic dinners.

Cook Yourself Sexy: Easy, Delicious Recipes for the Hottest, Most Confident You by Candice Kumai

 [image found here]

Disclosure: I already own this book, but my first voyage into its content was through a library check-out.

Seriously, what did broke girls do before libraries? We know that Candice Kumai is a big favorite of mine, but her newest book ignites this hipster-trend-setting-foodie vibe in me.

Mainly, I was encouraged by Kumai’s interest in egg-based dishes, something this broke girl can really get use.


I hope this gave you some ideas about cheering up, especially with those notorious Sunday Blues (or any day of the week when you’re feeling down!).




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