How to Shop on Ebay

In between study sessions, getting violently ill, and preparing for Spring 2012’s horrendous clinical final exam, I was anxiously awaiting the Ebay auction of a J.Crew silk printed clutch. I absolutely love Ebay. I would say that around 60-75% of my clothing is purchased resale, either through consignment/thrift stores like Crossroads Trading Company, or through […]

The Sunday Blues

This draft started on February 24th, a Sunday….. Isabel Gillies talked about her mother’s concept of the “Sunday Blues” in her book Happens Every Day (or possibly the follow-up book, A Year and Six Seconds… sorry Isabel!) Her two books chronicle surviving her divorce and the rough adjustment after she moved her children back with […]

Loving Lilac

I am no stranger to cheap nail polish, and March 1st will help me usher in this new one! This is Wet n’ Wild’s Bite the Bullet nail polish. Yep, $1.99 folks. Featured in the background is Stephy Miehle’s Barnes and Noble Notebook, which may not be available online, but may still be in stock […]