Candice Kumai and Pretty Delicious

So, I’m a huge fan of Candice Kumai, aka The Stiletto Chef.

Recently, I was able to snag a copy of her first cookbook, Pretty Delicious, via inter-library loan at our local library. Seriously folks, if you’re not checking out cookbooks at your library, you should. It’s a great way to try new recipes, contribute to library circulation, and (who are we kidding) look at beautiful pictures of FOOD.

[photo credit: Indie Bound]

So what’s her deal, what’s her hook? Food With Benefits, or FWBs, are part of a list she created to include better ingredients in your cooking. Rather than focus on deprivation, Kumai urges you to enjoy the fun foods, while including nutritional foods into your diet.

Here’s what I made: Lemon Cranberry Scones

Rather than using regular cranberries, though, I switched them out for the Orange Cranberries from Trader Joe’s. Let me tell you, it worked out FAMOUSLY. Delicious! And they turned out looking very similar to scones you might see in an artisan bakery or Starbuck’s.

The takeaway message? I love that Kumai doesn’t talk down to you. She provides you with information that doesn’t scream “drink Diet Coke until you’re a size zero.”


Further reading

Cook Yourself Sexy, Candice’s newest cookbook (as featured by Women’s Health)

Candice’s column in Men’s Health: Cook For More Sex (seriously, send this to every guy you know!)

And of course, Candice’s own blog: (Can’t wait to try that pumpkin butter recipe)

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